Cemetery Preservation

Reclaim the Beauty and Legibility of Historic Family Grave Markers

It is always a sad sight: once beautiful, ornate grave monuments streaked with black mold or covered with oddly colored lichens. It is a common condition in virtually every cemetery. The march of time, air pollution and the elements slowly destroy these monuments to the dead. You can do something to help.


Treasured Lives uses the simple, safe and environmentally friendly RestoraStone™ system to clean grave markers from mold, lichens, moss, algae and other biologic growths. The process prevents further damage and restores the beauty to even the oldest headstones, obelisks or other cemetery monuments.

Growths on cemetery monuments not only look unsightly, they secrete acids and other chemicals that break down and weaken the stone. This puts markers at risk of cracks, chips and pock marks. It can hasten the face wear that reduces the legibility of lettering.

We use the only cleaning solution tested for years by the National Park Service and approved for cleaning at America’s veterans cemeteries and the White House. Most commercial cleaners will damage cemetery stone, so this difference makes all the difference.

RestoraStone™ System is Proven Gentle & Effective

Grave markers are exposed to forces that can stain surfaces and damage stone — such as biofilm, bacteria, mold, mildew, moss, lichens, air pollution, bird droppings, tree sap and regular old dirt. The oldest monuments are most at risk, but any marker can benefit from a good cleaning.

Grave monument cleaning helps ensure these stories in stone are around for future generations.
  • We use only no-harm tools such as soft-bristle brushes and plastic scrapers that will not damage even delicate stone.
  • We use D/2 Biological Solution, found by the National Center for Preservation
    Technology to be the only product tough on growths and safe for cemetery stone.
  • RestoraStone™ won’t leave harmful residue such as salts that can degrade the stone.

The cleaning solution continues to work with the sun and rain for months to kill and fully remove biologic growths. Monuments will show major improvement immediately after treatment, but the full effect can take several weeks to show.

Before and After Photos Tell the Story